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A Porsche the Maestro played.

PORSHE CARRERA RS 3.0 Developed as a race model by Porsche, the greater part of the 100 production of this RS3.0 were used for the race and only some 50 cars came to the public market.
Among them, owned by Herbert von Karajan, this GT class winner at Le Mans is one of the most valuable in the 26 extant cars in the world.

The Herbert von Karajan car, delivered through main agents AMAG of Switzerland, in Guards Red with Gold.
The car was entered in Group 3 at Le Mans in 1975 painted white by Swiss team of Strahal, Baez and Maurer, as car number 84. It finished 10th overall and won the GT Class.

This gold plate proves that Herbert von Karajan owned this car.

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