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Please install it as you were displayed only first time according to the following procedure.

maintenance shop -camera position
Please click the title of the camera. The camera window where the maintenance shop can be seen starts.
※The user's registration became unnecessary on November 13, 2007.

camera1 camera2 camera3 camera4 camera5 camera6 camera7 camera8
It can see four cameras at the same time on the screen here.


Recommended environment
since Microsoft Windows 98SE

single window
Pentium3(800MHz)or more
multi window
Pentium4(1.8GHz)or more

since InternetExplorer6.0
(For a Japanese version )
Connection environment
FTTH, ADSL, and CATV, etc.
Broadband environment
INFORMATION to maill or TEL : +81-6-6213-5255

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