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Bally Pond Co., Ltd.

Company name



The President and Representative Director


Shounosuke Ike




May 22, 1970

Number of employees


24 people@
It includes it in the part-time job. As of October 20, 2007

The capital


60 million yen
The capital reserve 25 million yen is contained.



Post Code 542-0072
(TEL) +81 6-6213-5255 / (FAX) +81 6-6211-7375

Distribution center


Post Code 542-0066

Dealings bank


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Kinki Osaka Bank
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

/ Nanba branch
/ Tsuruhashi branch
/ Nipponichi branch



1.Sales and purchase of used amusement equipment.
2.Sales of amusement equipment.
3.Lease of amusement equipment.
4.Management of amusement facilities.

May, 1970

It establishes it as a leasing company of the slot machine, the pinball, and the bingo.

April, 1983

Advertising division establishment.
It changes to the current company name as a multipurpose enterprise for the advertising medium management.

December, 1987

The information advertisement tower (magnetic reversing type) is set up in the Tokyo branch office building rooftop. Management beginning.

April, 1989

Golf division establishment.
The buying and selling beginning of membership.

December, 1989

The information advertisement tower (LED type) is set up in the Osaka headquarters building rooftop. Management beginning.


Osaka'Flower EXPO'The information advertisement tower is set up in front of the front gate. Management beginning.

December, 2001

The headquarters is moved to the present address.

January, 2002

Amusement equipment sales and purchase beginning related to the eighth business affecting public morals.

August, 2002

Large-scale rental beginning for time amusement.

May, 2003

A large-scale rental for the time amusement is enhanced to Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City.

May, 2004

The warehouse is enhanced.

June, 2004

The game corner is managed in Tottori Prefecture Tottori City.

April, 2006

A large-scale rental for the game center is begun in Ibaraki Prefecture.

February, 2007

Game corner management beginning in Osaka Prefecture Higashi-Osaka City.

March, 2007

The management of the game corner begins in Wakayama Prefecture Porto Europe.

April, 2007

The capital is increased to the capital 35 million yen.
It makes it to the equity capital 60 million yen including the capital reserve 25 million yen.

September, 2007

The warehouse is enhanced. The maintenance shop opens.

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