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Used arcade game machine's distributor. Sells and exports used arcade machines.

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Bally has a variety of used arcade machines ranging from Shooting, Driving, UFO Catcher, Prize, Coin, Simulation, Candy Cabinets and more. Depending on your request, we can give the machines a full reconditioning, this includes replacing internal hardware, buttons paint touch up and others. Even without full maintenance, the machines are taken apart and checked thoroughly and any defective parts are replaced so they are game-play ready.

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Crane game, coin game, medal game, prize game , shooting game , drive game , racing game , video game , simulation game , kiddy ride , music game, dance game, Photo sticker booth , photo sticker machine, Japanese kawaii , sports game , used arcade game ,used amusement machine , sweetland , ufo catcher, casino game , pachinko ,pachislo,......and more.

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1.Sales and purchase of used amusement equipment.
2.Sales of amusement equipment.
3.Lease of amusement equipment.
4.Management of amusement facilities.

[Office] +81 6-6213-5255 [Fax] +81 6-6211-7375
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